About Us

New Life Friends Church is a fellowship of believers in the One True God, through the saving grace of Jesus, the Christ, and being led by the directions of His Holy Spirit. Our main purpose is to share the Light of His gospel, by example, to a lost and dying world.


Our Mission & Goal

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Through faith in Jesus Christ,

we are committed to the restoration and

discipleship of friends and family.


We are located and focused in a local community (Rose Village

neighborhood) of Vancouver, WA. Since the basic family unit is

one of the main building blocks of God's church, the body of

Christ, and also the basic foundation of any stable society, our

main efforts are aimed at the restoration of those families through exercising God's principles of faith and actual practice of those principles. We will freely provide services promoting that purpose, however that will also include the understanding that if you give someone a fish you may feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, he can feed himself and his family for a lifetime.

Our Vision

The act of being transparent


To transform all the varied and numerous addictions and destructive practices within our community and in our own individual human natures is a monumental task, however God, through the power activated by obedience to the directions of His Holy Spirit, is definitely able. Through such obedience and by the gaining of a "Yes, Lord" attitude, put into practice by our daily Christian walk, we will accomplish this purpose.

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