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"a battle for Rosemere's soul"

The beginning of the restoration of the 'soul of Rosemere'. Pictured doing the remodeling project on the old Laughing Bird building, to the left is Ed Parke, head of Breaking Free Ministries and Dave White, pastor at New Life Friends Church in 2003.

In October of 2002, while driving to the weekly Rosemere pastor's prayer meeting I noticed a sign in front of Uncle Milts advertising it was going to be sold via Public Action on November 11, 2002 . I mentioned this to the group and we prayed sensing that this was an opportunity given by the Lord. Pastor Carney said, 'it's now or perhaps never'.

After much prayer and council over the following days pastor Dave White showed up on that chilly November 11, 2002 morning with a small group of concerned Christians and praygoqser warriors representing at corns least five different churches who where there to pray and intercede for Gods will to be done; to reclaim and restore the Uncle Milts facility fulfilling Gods will for that building.

On a chilly November 11, 2002 morning we gathered at the gates of dilapidated Uncle Milts Pizza Parlor waiting for the Auction bus to arrive. The Auction is over and Pastor Dave White with the Newburg Friends organization purchased the Uncle Milts property for $200,300.00! A great victory had been won for God's Kingdom to come back into Rosemere through this piece of property. This was a day of great rejoicing! Once the paper work had been done and the Auction bus left, we all met out front for this victory photo. An unbelievable event had just transpired in and for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in Rosemere!

A victory won by Gods amazing grace! Now the hard work begins Thousands upon thousands of man power hours with many volunteers from different churches helped out to get the dilapidated facility cleaned up, repaired and ready for it's first service on Sunday morning March 2, 2003.


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